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May 23, 2017  •  5 Comments

sadies first bath blog 1sadies first bath blog 1

On April 24th, 2017 we welcomed Sadie Mae into the world.

We started trying for this sweet little girl almost 3 years ago shortly after we were married in June of 2014. There are still many people that don’t know that we lost our first pregnancy back in January. We had been hoping and dreaming of getting pregnant again and on August 7th, the day we were due with our first baby, I knew in my heart that it was time to test. I had been praying not only to get pregnant again but also for the strength I needed to accept it if I wasn’t able to carry a baby to full term.  I was filled with so much excitement and joy when I watch that test turn to positive. I ran to the front yard where Steven was mowing to share the good news. He knew instantly when he saw my face.

It was a hard day with the loss of our first but it was also a great day with the blessing of the beginning of our adventures with Sadie.

The night before Sadie joined us on the outside world, we were scheduled to go to the hospital to be induced. Just before we were due to arrive; I got a call asking us to kill sometime because they weren’t quite ready for us. As we were killing time, my body actually started the process on its own.  

When we got to the hospital we still needed to wait so my husband and I played a little UNO to pass the time. 

birthday 1birthday 1 birthday 2birthday 2 birthday 3birthday 3

It was the most amazing thing when I saw little Miss Sadie for the first time with her full head of hair. I’ll never forget that first view of her. “She is so beautiful” I kept saying. A few moments later the nurses took her aside because she had inhaled meconium and her oxygen wasn’t at the level that it should be. This might have been one of the hardest moments of my life. All I wanted was for my baby to be in my arms. I started thinking “what if she doesn’t make it”. The next week would prove to be one of the hardest times for Steven and I as we spent it in the NICU.  

birthday 4birthday 4 birthday 5birthday 5 birthday 6birthday 6 birthday 7birthday 7 birthday 8birthday 8

My heart ached and I know longer had the strength to take photos (with my pro camera anyways). It was the last thing on my mind really. There was so many tubes and wires hooked up to our little girl for us to count. It was so painful to see her like this but she is one tough little girl. 

birthday 9birthday 9 birthday 10birthday 10 As Sadie started to get better and our future was looking bright I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me. With everything that was going on it ended up going home with our 'extra stuff'. Luckily one of my dear friends and very talented photographers was able to join us to capture Sadie's first bath the night before she got to go home. Bath Photos below photo credit: Sannetta of The Art of The Unscripted. She is your gal when your looking for a birth photographer! 

sadies first bath blog 2sadies first bath blog 2 sadies first bath blog 3sadies first bath blog 3 sadies first bath blog 4sadies first bath blog 4 sadies first bath blog 5sadies first bath blog 5 sadies first bath blog 6sadies first bath blog 6 sadies first bath blog 7sadies first bath blog 7 sadies first bath blog 8sadies first bath blog 8 sadies first bath blog 9sadies first bath blog 9 sadies first bath blog 10sadies first bath blog 10 sadies first bath blog 11sadies first bath blog 11 sadies first bath blog 12sadies first bath blog 12 sadies first bath blog 13sadies first bath blog 13 sadies first bath blog 14sadies first bath blog 14 sadies first bath blog 15sadies first bath blog 15 sadies first bath blog 16sadies first bath blog 16 sadies first bath blog 17sadies first bath blog 17 sadies first bath blog 18sadies first bath blog 18 sadies first bath blog 19sadies first bath blog 19 sadies first bath blog 20sadies first bath blog 20 sadies first bath blog 21sadies first bath blog 21 sadies first bath blog 22sadies first bath blog 22 sadies first bath blog 23sadies first bath blog 23 sadies first bath blog 24sadies first bath blog 24 sadies first bath blog 25sadies first bath blog 25 sadies first bath blog 26sadies first bath blog 26 My heart has never felt so full now that Miss Sadie is apart of our lives. I cherish these moments snuggling with our tiny human. 



It was very interesting.
David millar(non-registered)
Thank you So much for this Important and Useful Information.
Oscar Fernandez(non-registered)
It's a lovely blog with lovely photos. Really amazing
Momma ( Lori Kline Cox)(non-registered)
I love this! Just wish I could of been there with you
Aww,Jeannie words can't describe the miracle that you and Steven have been given.This is so beautiful and so very precious. Your baby girl is too one of the luckiest and has been given some awesome parents to raise her, she will be loved by others but none like her own parents I'm so happy for you and Steven and I want to say enjoy this short time of her being little cause it will go fast .I have come to care about you so much I pray for you and Steven and Sadie Mae for nothing but the best to you all.
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