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Kelli + Kane | Country Wedding

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A few weeks ago I got to travel all the way to my home town of Lawson, MO to photograph an awesome couple whom I just adore, Kelli & Kane. When I met Kelli & Kane and they shared their story with me, I knew they were pretty special and their day was going to be every thing they had been dreaming it would be. 

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About the couple:

1 – How and where did you meet?

         Kane and I met at Longboards (a sandwich shop in liberty, Mo.) on November 7th, 2013. One of my best friends from high school, Cameron, had met Kane while working with him at arctic glacier. On that particular day Cameron had made plans to hang out with both Kane and I not realizing he had done so until I texted him asking if he was ready.  He had texted back, 'do you care if my friend Kane comes along?' And I had replied back with, 'Of course, the more the merrier!' So we had all met up at longboards, Kane, without even knowing me said I had to get the 'Cabo chicken' and to this day that is still my order.  Kane was actually going to meet another girl the day he met me, he drove all the way out to Shawnee to meet her and after 10 minutes he left, called Cameron, and got my number from him and it's been history ever since!

2 – Tell me about your first date.

        Our first date was on November 10th of 2013. Kane had planned to take me out for our first date by double dating with my best friends Taylor and Cameron. His plan was to go to an event at McFadden's so I could meet one of his best friends, Bella. We were then going to follow up with a movie which all of that happened but Taylor and Cameron totally ditched us for the first half of our date. (Later they told us they thought that would give us time to just be with each other.  They came to the movie with us, we saw the movie Thor: The Dark World (coincidentally, the threequel comes out the day before our actual wedding day!) we ended the night going over to Taylor's house where we shared our first kiss.

3 – How do you like to spend your time?

       Kane and I love it all!!  We are happy whether we're dressed to the nines, drinking wine in the city, bumming' it out in the country, hiking', fishing', hunting', and drinking' beer or just relaxing at home watching as many movies as we can possibly fit into one day. We both love hanging out with family, having game nights, and spending quality time just talking and learning more and more about life. We love coffee dates and brunch. This was one of the number one reasons I knew Kane was the one. He's just as much city, as he is country, as he is mountains, as he is beaches. He can transform into whoever I need him to be at any point in time. We just love it all! Our bucket list is never ending. Now if only we had more free time, time in general, and money, we'd be set!

4 – What are some of your favorite things?

      I must have jumped the gun in the last question so to summarize: each other over all, family, and adventure. We don't really enjoy things, as much as we more so enjoy the moments!

5 – What are some of your favorite movies/shows?

     Our favorite movies together (because separately that's a whole other story): that awkward moment, friends with benefits, how to lose a guy in 10 days, Zootopia, Finding Dory, home and pretty much every kid movie ever made, we love to go to bed to!

Tv shows: scandal (love it when we watch it but fall off the bandwagon often) and how to get away with murder.

6 – How did he (or she) propose?

       Kane completely took my breath away when he proposed. He was scheming for 7 months!! While we were on vacation he popped the question at Sullivan's island in South Carolina! My dad had gave him a family friends information to get in contact with, she lives in Savannah, Georgia, which is about 2 hours from Sullivan's. He had been in contact with her through emailing so I'd never even be suspicious. We got to this bridge that headed straight to the beach. Kane said he had to go to the bathroom ( I guess Nikki wasn't quite ready yet due to a rain delay) so meanwhile he's killing time, we're getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so he's trying to stall and get pictures all down this bridge and I'm completely clueless-- (luckily we had a couple of drinks beforehand)  -- so we finally make it to the beach and I see this romantic set up and I'm still clueless. I said, 'Aw, someone must have gotten married here today' so Kane insists that we go check it out. We head over and I read the writing in the sand "Kelli, will you marry me?" And I turn around to him and he's down on one knee, I was in complete shock by how he had pulled this off. Then this mysterious photographer takes off her hoodie, and it was Nikki. I was so amazed by how smoothly, and how thought out he had made our proposal. It was a magical surprise!

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Vendor Love

Photographer: Jeannie Huff of Photogenie Photography

Video: Alison Hedgepath AWH Video

Venue: Mellons Hall

Catering: Akey Catering

Cake: Audrey Huff

Hair/Makeup: Ashley Dihn


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